Patient safety is the first and foremost concern at our dental office!

Hygienic Standards
Hygienic Standards

We have equipped the office in accordance of the EU ISO 9001 standards. We used the so-called minimal contamination technique: all tools, materials and devices are stored into their respective drawers in special furniture. This prevents both any gathering of dust and potential contamination from happening.

The dental chair has a closed system for the supply of distilled water. You are therefore safe from any potential danger of cross-contamination.

Work surfaces. We thoroughly decontaminate all work surfaces of the dental chair and its peripherals, including the vacuum pump, after each and every patient.

Hands are the primary medium during the transfer of infections! This is why the use of single-use gloves is a matter of course at our office.

We use sterilized tools when we care for your teeth

Be assured that we adhere to the principles of sterilisation and disinfection of the tools in our dental office. Sterilised tools are stored in a drawer and are only taken out directly before being used in treating a patient.

The autoclave is the most commonly used and the most reliable device used for sterilization today. It is a device in which all living microorganisms are killed off using steam of high pressure and temperature.